Artiste dilettante (arts plastiques mais aussi guitare et écriture) dans l'esprit du rabelaisien Fais ce que voudras.

Ma devise, allusion à une citation de Lautréamont : L'art doit être fait par tous, non par un.

  • Didier LABAYE - France, Ile-de-France, Paris
  • Technique : Sculpture assembling - Painting acrylic, gouache, ink, mixed technique, oil, watercolor, drawing, collage, installation, digital art - Photography black and white, colors
  • Expression forms : accumulation, animal, archetype, architecture, assembling structure, bust, calcined work, canvas, dead nature, domestic object, figure, genre painting, geometric structure, group of personages, head, history painting, ink and wash painting, landscape, machine, miniature, mobile, monochrome, naked, object, personage, polychrome, polyptique, portrait, pyrotechnics, ready-made, self-portrait, set of objects, signs and imprints, sound work, statue, vanity, vehicle
  • Styles : abstract, allegorical, classic, conceptual, cumulative, dreamlike, erotic, expressionist, fantastic, figurative, geometric, humorous, minimalist, mystic, narrative, organic, poetic, polymorphous, poor, realist, romantic, signs, surrealist, symbolist, tachiste, transrealism, visionary
  • Themes : animals, architecture, body, child, circus, city, color, communication, consumer society, continents, couple, daily life, dance, death, deformation, destruction, dream, face, family, fantastic creature, flowers, games, garden, history, human, human relation, humor, identity, imaginary, industry, jobs, language, life, love, man, monster, mores, movement, music, mythology, nature, night, objects, philosophy, politics, popular culture, progress, religion, science, science fiction, sensuality, sexuality, silver, sky, social criticism, society, spirituality, sport, symbolic, technology, thought, time, travel, universe, vehicle, violence, war, woman, work, written
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